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Pensionlite - Chartered Financial Advisers

If you allow us to carry out an Independent and no obligation review of your pensions, taking into account your needs and circumstances, together with the details of your existing plans, we will make recommendations to you in writing, by post.

If your plan is good we will tell you why.

If it’s not so good we will make recommendations as to how we believe you can improve things.

If there are costs involved in following our advice they will be fully disclosed in your report, which you can read in your own home, in your own time, with an adviser available over the phone to answer your questions.

If you are worrying about charges and fees then don’t.

If you do not follow our advice and recommendations there is absolutely nothing to pay.

If you do accept our advice and fees do apply, then you can be assured that by allowing us to manage your affairs by post, email and telephone we can do so for less than a face to face alternative, without the pressure and without any reduction in quality.

Our Chartered Financial Planner Status.

Pensionlite carries the prestigious status of Chartered Financial Planners

Our Chartered status, granted by the Privy Council, is our industry’s gold standard for financial planners and is currently held by less than 300 firms across the country.

This status brings with it serious obligations to ensure the advice, service and ongoing support we provide for you is of the highest quality, based solely on your researched needs and provided by someone of appropriate competency.

PensionLite, is an Independent Financial Adviser firm, Directly Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, specialising in Pensions & Investment.

We offer whole of market choice and have no links or ties to any single business or organisation.

Our aim is to provide our clients with tailored solutions, created by advisers with particular skills and specialist qualifications.

Our advice process is always to gather a full understand our clients needs, circumstances and aspirations together with detailed analysis of any existing arrangements and make written recommendations before any decisions or actions are taken.

We provide independent, no obligation review and recommendation reports covering all aspects of our specialist areas of work. 

Knowledge is power and unless you know, how can you decide on a course of action. If you do not accept our advice you have nothing to pay

To contact us telephone 01952 279 379 or email enquiries@pensionlite.co.uk

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