Double bill at the Pensionlite office

Double bill at the Pensionlite office

Yesterday we had a reunion here at the Pensionlite office as Abraham Darby Academy pupil and budding artist Ellie Perks came in to see us.

For those not familiar with the story – a few weeks ago we purchased a giant nine foot duck at a local charity auction.

The colourful creations were the main attractions for Telford’s Let’s Go Quackers art trail this summer and were the brain child of local resident Julie Ward who was inspired by a Norwich gorilla trail she heard about in 2013.

Not only did we bid on and win a duck called C-Ellie-Brate, we also got to meet the designer, 13-year old Ellie Perks.

She was bursting with enthusiasm and passion which we loved and so decided to bid on the smaller version of her design which was donated to the event by artist Traci Moss – who brought Ellie’s design to life.

We successfully won that auction as well. As a gift from us at Pensionlite we gave the miniature C-Ellie-Brate to Ellie so she would have something to remember her artistic experience.

The giant duck has been in the corner of our office reception for almost a month – and it doesn’t look out of place.

We’ve had so many comments when people call us or come into visit. We are very proud that we were able to contribute to such an amazing event – which also helped two fantastic charities; Severn Hospice and the Jayne Sargent Foundation.

Managing director Mike Shaw and designer Ellie Perks