How Pensionlite eased Paul’s retirement fears

, TestimonialHow Pensionlite eased Paul’s retirement fears

After working for the same company for 42 years which involved travelling to and from Milton Keynes every day, Paul was a little worried about retiring and the expectations that came with stopping work.

But after consultation with experienced financial planner Lorna Evans, we eased Paul’s fears about his retirement and helped him put a plan in place to secure his financial future.

What was your reason for choosing Pensionlite?

Pensionlite has a good reputation for being customer focussed which was the main reason for me to ensure the management of my investments were looked after efficiently and caringly.

The team have a wealth of knowledge and are always available for consultation or just general performance discussions.

How did we provide advice to you?

I retired three years ago. I had a couple of company pension schemes and savings which I wanted to crystallise into an income plan which was tax-efficient and gave me the flexibility to change at any time.

Pensionlite’s advice was sound and they are always looking at ways of improving both investment opportunity for me and flexibility.

Were we the first advisers you spoke to?

I spoke to several companies who offer similar services but I was not convinced of the level of support and investment funds chosen.

What differentiates us from the competition?

In my opinion, Pensionlite stands out in two areas:

  • Customer support and aftercare services
  • Quality reporting and availability of staff

How has our advice helped you?

My peace of mind has greatly increased knowing that my investments are, in a very turbulent time, working for the best outcome and managed with focus and integrity.

How does the future look for you now that we have been able to help?

I am comfortable and have no worries about income at all. I have a very flexible arrangement for the use of investment funds if I ever need to utilise. I could not recommend Pensionlite enough from my personal experience.